• Field support/installation services
  • Technical and Sales support for Fibrain products
  • Planning services
  • Trials and pilot project
  • Network optimization services

VARIOEDGE is a project company to support customers on foreign markets  with professional services, technical knowledge and experience to ensure a successful network deployment. Varioedge offers a broad range of professional services based the best competence and experience, supported by state-of-the-art FIBRAIN products and solutions.

VARIOEDGE track record spans from network design, planning, installation of fiber optic cables, fiber enclosures and junction boxes, fiber splicing to optimization services.

Combined with FIBRAIN fiber optics products and solutions, we provide a unique, integrated value proposition to our customers. Regardless of the scope and location, our specialist ensure that projects are delivered on time with a high quality and cost-efficiency.

Our projects


Implementation Department

Any company introducing to the Polish and European market a lot of new telecommunications solutions, including proprietary solutions and fiber optic systems, knows how important aspect of these implementations is to have wide technical knowledge.

Varioedge performs several hundred projects for our customers every year. Therefore, each partner can count on our full support from the very beginning – the concept of the project and then during the implementation stage.

Training Department

Responding to the market demand and to help our customers absorb new knowledge and technologies we offer a series of training courses under the common brand name Fibrain Academy.

The topics taught include copper and fiber optics installation techniques, optical DWDM transmission, GPON networks, microducts technology, passive optical devices for telecommunications, network design and planning or CATV and IPTV in PON networks, but the above list is by no means exhaustive.

We welcome inquiries for customized training modules. As seasoned practitioners we can draw on years of experience and hundreds of projects completed so our courses of always practice-oriented.

Design Office

Every single installation company or telecom operator understands how critical it is to have technical knowledge and experience to ensure a successful network roll-out. Very often they would invest heavily to train or recruit adequately qualified staff. Yet it may not always be the most cost-effective or fastest way.

Sometimes an experienced and trusted technology partner is actually a better solution to tackle this problem.

Pilot Investment Department

Thanks to a wide list of designers and certified contractors cooperating with our company, we are able to offer „ready projects” being the Contract Engineer for all Investors who are looking forward to complex support.

The scope of such implementation may be various, from the concept, implementation of technical standards for the construction project to monitor performance and final acceptance of the investment.

In many cases, we support the Investor within the scope of raising funds to finance investment.  More information about the finance support can be found on our website or directly in the Trade Departments.